Community & News

Community is how we live. The Pickle Barrel restaurants are mainly based in the GTA area – we live, work and play in our communities. Our staff and partners are constantly offering their time and energy for causes we all care about. We have a long history in grassroots projects, non-profit organizations, supporting sports teams, community events, charities and hospitals – it’s our way of staying connected to what is important and giving something back.



Pickle Barrel Newmarket has teamed up with The Town of Newmarket and beginning Monday March 30th, we will be giving away take-out lunch to anyone in the community who is vulnerable and in need of food. For more detailed information click here.


Pickle Barrel Restaurants and Pickle Barrel Catering joined the fight for children’s health! We were able to sell 98 Gourmet Cookie Baskets as well as 4614 cookies in our Cafes for the cause donating a total of just over $1,400


For many years, Pickle Barrel launches a feature menu to support our local farmers. During this time, our produce and menu ingredients are locally sourced within a 100km radius of our restaurants! Why do we do it?

⋅support local farmers
⋅do our part in keeping the Earth green
⋅create dramatically less waste
⋅do our part to reduce pollution by using less fossil fuels while shipping food
⋅our guests and our staff can enjoy healthier foods with less preservatives

Not only do we support our local farmers, but proceeds from our Local Harvest Menu go directly to supporting the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre! In 2019 we were able to donate $10,000 to research!


The Pickle Barrel has continued commitment to supporting the BCC Awareness Walk in Toronto by providing a grab and go breakfast, lunch or snack for BCC walkers. In 2019 we decided to extend that support to other walk communities where there is also a Pickle Barrel location.






When it comes to the environment, we’re doing everything we can to make positive changes for a healthier planet. In the restaurant business that means looking at all of our Single Use Items like straws, bags, utensils, cups and take-home packaging.

Here’s a quick over of what we’re doing and why…

⋅ Eliminated plastic straws from our restaurants; paper straws are available upon request – effective March 31st, 2019
⋅ Removed all plastic bags; replaced with paper brown bags instead
⋅ Changed our previous black plastic take-away containers to a more recyclable plastic
⋅ In the process of investigating new ways to eliminate milkettes, creamers and butter pods in our restaurants

We look forward to sharing more with you in the future as we continue investigating options for all single use items in all areas of our restaurants and still being in compliance with Food Health and Safety.